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Sonic Trax PPS Ltd is owned and run by Colin Chapman Supervising Sound Editor, Post Production Co-ordinator. Our service provides state of the art Sound Post Production Facilities in the UK.

Our facility offers a flexible service to suit the needs of an ever-changing industry. We have a highly respected team of freelance sound editors skilled in the arts of Dialogue editing, ADR supervision and direction, Foley and Sound Design that are available to work with you to achieve exactly the style and design to suit your productions genre. We specialise in feature films and television drama offering all formats of sound mixing. Our sound editors have the advantage of an extensive in house sound effects library. Within our budgeted service of sound editors we provide a Supervising Sound Editor to ensure high quality performance and an open conduit for creative and technical ideas between sound post and the production.

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  • Association of Motion Picture Sound
  • Association of Motion Picture Sound
  • Association of Motion Picture Sound